Baby Works Cloud 9 Head Support w/ Bamboo Cover - White

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The Baby Works Cloud 9 Head Support is perfect for providing added protection from flat head syndrome.

As new parents, we are often relieved when our baby is at ease and seems comfortable. But with the common routine of using bouncy seats, rockers, swings and other products, a baby can begin to “favor” certain positions which means that there is constant pressure on their delicate craniums.

The gentle indentation has been specially designed to position baby’s head comfortably and to support growing neck and shoulder muscles. The soft and gentle memory foam helps to distribute the weight of baby’s head evenly to protect against flat head syndrome and neck pain.

SUPER SOFT & SUPPORTIVE: Babies often get flat-head syndrome when they spend extended periods of time with their heads in the same position. Most babies have a preference and choose to rest their heads on a particular side which can worsen the problem.

UNIQUE DESIGN: The special indentation of the Cloud 9 Head Support cradles baby's head delicately and helps distribute the weight of baby's head evenly, relieving pressure and helping prevent flat-head syndrome.

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