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Dotted with stars and resplendent in royal blue, these gorgeously smart baby reins are perfect for curious learner walkers. Designed in the UK and tested for their strength and durability at the University of Exeter, little explorers look the epitome of sophistication as they learn to walk with confidence wearing these toddler reins. What’s more, the reins have passed BS EN 13210:2004 safety standard tests, giving you extra peace of mind when it comes to your child’s safety.

Whether your little explorer is adventuring on in the park, on the beach, in town, at the airport or is just enjoying a stroll, you can keep them close and out of harm’s way without subduing their natural curiosity in these style savvy safety baby reins. Plus, because you can attach the reins at the front or at the back of the toddler walking harness you can choose to put it on from the front for face-to-face interaction, or from behind.

Fit and Safety Instructions

To ensure the best fit and safety of your child, please read these instructions carefully. The ONK harness with attachable reins is suitable for children aged between approx. 16 months to 4 years old, and should be worn with the fastening at the front to encourage face-to-face interaction between you and your child whilst you are putting it on.

To release – firmly squeeze the locking teeth at the top and bottom of the central buckle and pull outwards.

Will This Harness Fit My Child?

Before you buy, check the ranges of adjustment, which are as follows:
Waist: 415mm (16.2”) to 670mm (26.3”).
Shoulder Straps: from front to back 275mm (10.7”) to 390mm (15.2”).

1. Place the harness on your child with the central buckle at the front.
2. Squeeze the top and bottom of the locking teeth and gently push into the central buckle until you hear it click into locking position.
3. Adjust the waist strap using the adjusters (2) to ensure the harness waist sits snugly and evenly just about your child’s waist.
5. Adjust the shoulder straps in the same way, using the adjusters on the shoulder strap to ensure a comfortable and even fit. The buckles can slide all the way down over the label for the tightest fit.
6. Attach the walking rein by clipping one end of each rein to the rectangular loops on the right and left hand side of the shoulder straps. Ensure both clips close firmly into place.

Named Best Baby reigns Leopard Print by Mother & Baby.

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